Viable solutions to enable safe travel for all

TravelSafe Systems

Delivering the most advanced and integrated bio-digital system for COVID-19 status management.

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Where and why should you deploy?

Deploy TravelSafe Systems Solutions to:

  • Integrate COVID-19 testing into the standard airport check-in workflow and entrance to other facilities
  • Propriety Lamp Test
  • Deliver irrefutable proof of COVID-19 status: directly from the test
  • Provide mutual protection for travellers and employees
  • Remove the need for quarantine(s) when travelling
  • Create ‘Green Zones’ that support the origin-destination bridge model
  • Extend protection beyond the air bridge to destination services
  • Enable auditable end-to-end compliance with Pandemic Operations Practices
  • Enable automatic detection and notification of ‘at risk’ events post-travel
  • Rebuild confidence in the safety of the travel sector under COVID-19
  • Bring back the ‘Old Normal’ inside the Green Zone
  • Get the world travelling again

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