Lufthansa, and Fraport Launch the First Walk-In COVID-19 Testing Facility in Germany at Frankfurt Airport, but will it work?

A great innovation by Frankfurt Airport and Lufthansa. However, their focus seems to be on providing the ability to prove that someone is COVID-19 free for the benefit of a receiving state and not creating an entirely COVID-19 “green zone” within the airport for all travelers, airport staff and flight crew.

Additionally a price point of €60 for a 6 hour test result and €139 for a 3 hour test is also on the steep side in terms of price and time. A further flaw is that the capacity of the test center appears to be limited to 300 tests per hour, therefore taking 1 hour for a full Airbus 320 and 2 hours for a Boeing 777 to be processed. This will curtail the number of flights that can go to destinations where authorities are seeking proof of testing.

At least the airport and airline are trying to help their customers feel safer and provide support and convenience and they should be applauded for that.

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