Why let the bomb onboard in the first place?

TravelSafe Systems are strong advocates of the Travel Industry. Equally, however, we feel the sector needs to have greater accountability and duty of care when it comes to defeating COVID-19. We need the industry to come back in a sustainable way and not face a start-stop-start-stop scenario. The incident yesterday that led the Italian Government to suspend all flights from Bangladesh highlights the issue.

Of 225 passengers arriving from Dhaka on Monday, 21 tested positive for the disease. Lazio’s top health official Alessio D’Amato said on Tuesday, calling it a “veritable viral ‘bomb’ that we’ve defused”.

TSS believes that any country that has COVID-19 should test all passengers, staff and aircrew before entering an airport. 10 per cent of the passengers tested positive on arrival, which is too late.

Why on earth let “the bomb” into the plane in the first place!

Rome now has to bear all the logistics of contacting everybody that was on that plane, tracing, isolating, testing and tracking that people remain in quarantine.  It also need to look after the flight crew and their families.

If testing had happened at the departing airport this would have been prevented.

Also people will target “safe havens” if they feel they are ill and will take multiple flight connections to do so.  This will lead to strains on health systems such as Italy’s, Spain’s and the UK.

People are security checked when they enter an airport, we should also test them.

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