Two thirds of Brits would feel unsafe on a plane | YouGov

A recent YouGov poll reveals that nearly two thirds of the public (64%) would not feel safe travelling by plane currently, up from 40% on 8 June. There is a similar unease about other types of international transport. Over half of Brits (55%) say they’d feel unsafe travelling by train, while 48% would not feel comfortable on a ferry. In both cases, this is a substantial jump from 31% on June 8th.

This can be compared to TravelSafe Systems own survey that so far shows that nearly 70% of people would feel safer if all passengers, crew and airport staff were tested before departure.

These results show that it will take sometime for air travel to recover and that the type of pre-departure testing solution that TravelSafe Systems is advocating will be a key part of any recovery.

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