European CE IVD Approval for LAMP test Delivered by TravelSafe Systems paving the way for rapid pre-departure testing and safer travel

After comprehensive medical testing, TravelSafe Systems (TSS) is happy to announce that the COVID-19 LAMP test, which certifies its iWarrant, has achieved CE IVD registration.

The test, using loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) technology, certifying TravelSafe Systems iWarrant, has passed its performance evaluation and is now fully approved for diagnostic use in humans. This is the first LAMP-based, rapid, point-of-care test to be awarded a CE IVD mark.

Nigel Trim, Joint CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of TSS, said, “We are delighted with the performance of the test.  Our ability to detect as little as one copy of the virus per microlitre of swab fluid within 40 minutes will allow us to identify very early-stage infections or asymptomatic carriers.   We are confident that we can play a pivotal role in making travel safe again”.

Nick Lambe, Joint CEO of TSS, said he was delighted about the award of the CE IVD and hoped that this would be seen by those in the travel and other industries as a way to make travel and life safe again.

 He went on to say, “I can announce today that, having been ignored by the UK Government, we have received our first orders from Germany and will be implementing our solution in the next 2 weeks”. 

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