France and Norway threaten to CLOSE their border with Spain over soaring coronavirus cases | Daily Mail Online

With the virus likely to be around for many years this type of headline is likely to be a regular occurrence. Any rising demand for travel will of course be impacted as consumers will be concerned with making bookings and parting with money that they may not see again.

Cancellation rates in Spain are as high as 77 per cent among families and 70 per cent in the Balearic Islands which include Mallorca. 

The number of coronavirus cases in Spain soared with an additional 2,615 new infections recorded by Madrid just yesterday. Nearly 7,000 cases have been logged in Catalonia in the past 14 days, accounting for almost half the nationwide total, though the rate has dropped in the past days. 

British tourists have been warned that a new travel system means air bridges could collapse at short notice leaving them facing a quarantine on return to the UK. 

France and Norway have said it they not rule out closing its border with the Catalan region of Spain as it experiences a ‘significant rise’ in infections.   

The UK Government are apparently reviewing the current travel advisories and are being pressed to consider airport testing by airlines themselves.

TravelSafe Systems will continue to campaign for a global standard of pre-departure airport testing. This is the best way to not only contain the virus but enable a sustainable return of the crucial travel and tourism sector without a start-stop-start-stop reality that we face now.

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