Conservative MPs join calls for airport testing instead of blanket quarantines | Travel Weekly

Boris Johnson urged to reform policy

Source: Conservative MPs join calls for airport testing instead of blanket quarantines | Travel Weekly

There is clearly a growing realisation that a coordinated international approach to testing is required across aviation networks. Single minded, single country policies are an inappropriate approach for such an interconnected global sector.

Some UK Government Ministers have rejected the idea of testing on arrival as pointless as “its a point in time test” and people may not yet be infectious. This is a ridiculous statement as all tests are a point in time test so why bother testing at all!? Test and trace regimes are THE most effective containment strategy.

Germany is starting a large scale test on arrival process but what they should be doing is asking source markets to reciprocate and turn that around to “if we test out travellers on departure, can you please do the same?” This would immediately prevent risk of infection in crowded airports and planes and provide better statistical analysis. Countries, airports and airlines need to collaborate to create COVID-19 free zones and flights and not just focus on “home soil” protection measures. The vast majority of people use aviation to travel out and back after some period of residence at their destination. Logically, therefore, testing out and back is the best way forward.

TravelSafe Systems has a ready-made CE-IVD approved, bio-defence digital solution. This solution can be scaled to provide speed and accuracy for fast and reliable test results – at a viable cost. It can be used for testing on departure and arrival or even on a plane itself. The equipment is portable, robust and delivers results in situ, within 40 minutes.

TTS is reassured that in the UK there is now a groundswell of opinion that the best form of defence is a unified approach to airport testing. Such an approach would allow a vital part of the world economy to start functioning again in a sustained manner.

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