IATA calls for rapid development of Covid-19 testing for all passengers: TravelSafe Systems is ready and is gaining support including from the former Prime Minister for the UK

Poll shows 88% willing to undergo testing pre-departure

Source: Iata calls for rapid development of Covid-19 testing for all passengers | Travel Weekly

IATA are now recognising the need for global consistency in airport testing something that TravelSafe Systems have been campaigning for since they were incorporated last May. There is increasing recognition that to sustain aviation multi-lateral on departure testing is required to ensure COVID free flights, passenger confidence and duty of care to staff. TravelSafe Systems have supported The Telegraph campaign, “Test4Travel” which indicated the willingness for passengers to pay up to £50 for a test.

IATA have revealed the results of its 4,700 online consumer interviews in 11 markets between August 25 and 31, showing 84% of passengers agreed testing should be required of all travellers.

Its public opinion poll showed 88% of respondents were willing to undergo testing as part of the travel process. In the poll, 65% of respondents agreed quarantine should not be required if a person tests negative for Covid-19.

TravelSafe Systems European Approved rapid LAMP test takes 40 minutes to process results, provides a secure digital output to a mobile phone and costs EURO 38 per test. It is now being used in 4 European countries and is increasingly being seen as a viable solution.

Former UK Prime Minister Theresa May made reference to TravelSafe Systems in her recent speech supporting the travel industry in The House of Commons by saying “in all, 30 countries have testing facilities at their airports. British companies, with their ingenuity, have been developing new rapid tests—TravelSafe Systems recently demonstrated one to me in a GP surgery in my constituency. The infrastructure is there and the testing capability is there and being advanced as we speak.” Here she was calling upon the UK government to get a move on to support our vital sector.

She went on to say “my message is to No. 10, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, the Treasury and the Department of Health and Social Care, and it is a simple one: if we want to get the economy moving, and if we want to get planes flying again, give airports permission to trial tests. Stop the UK dragging its feet; let us lead the world and set the standard to restore world travel and world trade”.

We could not agree more and thank her for her support.

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