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The latest views on COVID-19 from TravelSafe Systems

IATA calls for rapid development of Covid-19 testing for all passengers: TravelSafe Systems is ready and is gaining support including from the former Prime Minister for the UK

Poll shows 88% willing to undergo testing pre-departure Source: Iata calls for rapid development of Covid-19 testing for all passengers | Travel Weekly IATA are now recognising the need for global consistency in airport testing something that TravelSafe Systems have been campaigning for since they were incorporated last May. There is increasing recognition that to…

TravelSafe Systems Supports The Telegraph’s Campaign – Test4Travel

The Telegraph today has launched a campaign called Test4Travel to scrap quarantine through airport testing.   Exclusive survey data compiled for Telegraph Travel by travel consultancy, The PC Agency, and independent market research company, AudienceNet, polled 2,139 respondents. The poll shows that 62 per cent of the population supports a test on arrival in the UK…

UK Airlines urge to test arrivals to cut Covid quarantine times. TravelSafe Systems agrees but advocates “if you want our tourists, we will test them before they leave but please test them on the way back”

There is an increasing number of calls from the travel sector to create a more robust system for testing travellers. TravelSafe Systems welcomes this development but, after seven months of the industry being torn apart by the virus, there is still no collective global approach for what is a highly interconnected industry. The chief executives…

Conservative MPs join calls for airport testing instead of blanket quarantines | Travel Weekly

Boris Johnson urged to reform policy Source: Conservative MPs join calls for airport testing instead of blanket quarantines | Travel Weekly There is clearly a growing realisation that a coordinated international approach to testing is required across aviation networks. Single minded, single country policies are an inappropriate approach for such an interconnected global sector. Some UK…

World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC) Calls Upon Governments to Implement Comprehensive Testing Facilities at Airports: TravelSafe Systems Agrees and is Ready

Source: News Article | World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) At last TravelSafe Systems does not feel alone in calling for a global approach to develop a meaningful COVID-19 aviation containment plan.  We support The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in its latest announcement and would go further and seek to collaborate with WTTC,…

UK Government states that Airport Corona Virus tests are a ‘not silver bullet’ for saving holidays: TravelSafe Systems and the travel industry do not agree

BBC News – Airport coronavirus tests ‘not silver bullet’ for saving holidays. There was a great deal of coverage over the last two days regarding airport testing to ensure air bridges operate effectively. It is hugely disappointing to have yet another Cabinet Minister dismiss this approach: Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden told the BBC that coronavirus…


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Travel restriction lift but will it cause diplomatic pressure?

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