Our Solutions

TravelSafe Systems currently provides:

  • An integrated bio-digital system for COVID-19 status management
  • The combination of a privacy-first digital platform with best in class rapid viral detection
  • A tamper-free proof of COVID-19 status for use by authorities and travellers
  • The ability to create ‘Green Zones’ for mutual protection of all travel stakeholders
  • The ability to extent beyond airports and airlines to hotels, theme parks, entertainment venues, destination services and other sectors such as food processing and manufacturing
  • Support of key location reporting for post-travel ‘at risk’ events
  • Support for self-declaration of health status and destination address
  • Supports the integration with pandemic operations compliance reporting

LAMP (RNA) Testing (Icgene)

  • Fastest testing for COVID-19
  • Highest sensitivity and accuracy
  • Digital integration with iWarrant removes human error


  • A tamper-proof, privacy-first personal data platform for mobile phones and tablets
  • Proven background technology
  • Secured to military-grade standards
  • Identity proof to IATA standards

iWarrant is a digital wrapper to the TravelSafe Systems LAMP test. It manages a digital certificate that is held on a passenger’s mobile device, providing incontrovertible proof of that passenger’s current health status.

Data used by iWarrant is secured on the passenger’s device, with only abstract identifiers being used to associate tests and results with a passenger. Test results are acquired at the point of analysis, providing a chain of custody for test results that increases confidence in the iWarrant certificate.

Additional data, such as flights taken and locations visited, may be volunteered by the passenger in order to take advantage of post-travel risk notifications.

  • Automatic results directly from test equipment
  • Visible status with machine-readable embedded content
  • Click-through for evidenced identity and test result details
  • Configurable status validity and expiry periods
  • Self-reporting of flights and key locations for ‘at risk’ tracing
  • Self-Declaration of health status and destination address

Creating Green Zones

TravelSafe Solutions provides a feasible, viable and highly desirable capability to create travel green zones.

An Introduction LAMP

The TravelSafe System solution detects COVID-19 across the greatest timespan making it the most accurate, sensitive and effective test

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