Coronavirus: UK travel quarantine rules ‘not worth it’, says Theresa Villiers – BBC News

The former transport minister for the UK, Theresa Villiers, has stated that she feels the quarantine rule have had no positive impact. The Tory MP, Theresa Villiers, said the travel industry had been “damaged” without cutting the Covid-19 risk.

We would agree. Asking someone if they are COVID-19 free on arrival is like asking “did you carry a bomb with you?”. Its a bit late to ask the question… If the country of origin has cases then testing prior to departure surely is the best and most logical defense mechanism? Added to this the question at arrival is a daft one as many people are asymptotic spreaders, especially children. Whilst the governments states everybody has been a great citizen and followed the rules there is no way that this can be proven.

Swissport and Collinson are pressing Matt Hancock, the UK Health Secretary, to back their proposal to test on arrival. Again this does not create a proper line of defense. Some countries will not allow the UK to start flights or require proof of a test. The TravelSafe Systems (TSS) approach is to create bi-lateral, at airport testing protocols, that create sustainable green zones. What is very likely to happen is a start-stop-start-stop scenario that is bad for the consumer and bad for the travel sector.

The UK should set the example and at least try such a solution and test passengers on departure. To date approaches made to the UK Government by TSS have fallen on deaf ears.

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